Doug Summerfield

Doug Summerfield

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Shadows is now available.

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The year is 1985, and Elizabeth Montgomery has settled into the predictable routine of urban survival. Life at thirty-two, just isn’t the same as when she was twenty-one. She is amazed at the few short years it took to knock the shine off. The parties, shopping, flying Ultra-light aircraft, skiing, biking… all are things of the past. Advancement at work is no longer possible, and what little time she has with her boyfriend, doesn’t seem as fulfilling as it should. Her future looming horribly, boringly, clear.


Well, not quite. Just when her days were looking the bleakest, it got worse. It’s the little things that sometimes forces you off the beaten path, and when the security of the familiar is ripped from you, life can suddenly become scary. Liz is terminated from a failing company that she dedicated the last few years of her life to. Betrayal, when she discovers her boyfriend with another woman, drives her into the deepest despair she has ever known.


An invitation from her sister to come visit, now seems the only thing left in life to cling to. Events beyond her control will send Liz on an adventure into an exciting new world with a future shrouded in shadows. And lurking in those shadows, is a danger that will follow her on the journey to her sisters ranch in far away Montana. Traveling north in her brothers old 57 Chevy on a lonely two-lane highway, she begins to experience new and strange sensations. Being alone in the dark of a moonless night, can be scary and fascinating at the same time!


John Anderson is not stuck in the predictable existence of… anything. He’s perfectly content with a profitable ranch and an occasional contract job with the government. The Crystal Lake valley is surrounded by towering, snow-capped peaks, and vast untamed wilderness areas come right up to his property in western Montana. What more could a man want? Life is as perfect as he could ask for, or so he thought. Someone is about to come to the valley who will change his life forever.



Mists of Time is now available.

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Terry McDonald lives at the edge of the Snowy Mountains in eastern Australia. Her grandfather owns a large station at the head of the Murray River where it leaves those mountains to travel across a vast interior of mostly barren land.


Grandfather raised Terry on that station and it’s her life. She’s never been any further from home than the town of Albury. Work on a cattle station is a full time job and fills her days with purpose and satisfaction. Riding the hills and valleys of the upper Murray River is about as close to heaven as a person can get. She’s can’t think of anything better than the rugged life of a jillaroo in the Australian outback.


When her work day ends, she climbs to the little graveyard up from the house. She talks to Mom and tells her all about the exciting little things that happen each day. She doesn’t talk to Dad. He isn’t in their cemetery. Terry doesn’t know where he is. Nobody will talk about him, like it’s some great secret. But that’s a minor thorn in Terry’s life because she has a loving grandfather and about anything else she might want.


But when everything you have is taken away, life can become devastating. Survival depends on being able to grasp something of substance. Terry has nothing. Only a vague wish to know who she is. Events beyond her control will send Terry to America, searching through the mists of time for a ghost she never knew.